Studies on Harmony

Studies on Harmony and Contacting Equestria

This site exists to write down my findings on a strange power called Harmony (the power ponies have over our world), which seems to let devote followers have contact with Equestria. Please feel free to share your insights on this topic with me. Thank you for stopping by and taking interest.

Previous Studies on Harmony Prior to the Creation of this Site

Hello, If you are here, I can assume you most likely came from the /mlp/ board on 4chan. Whether you are here out of true
intrigue, or if you are here to laugh at me/call me crazy, I welcome you. Just about two years ago, I first shared my ideas on
Harmony on the /mlp/ board of 4chan. Up until recently, I called this magick "Pony Power", but thanks to the suggestion from
another board poster, I now call it Harmony. (You're right anon, it does sound much better)

The original idea I had of Harmony/Pony Power was beyond basic. I barely understood what I was experiencing.
(I have still made no leaps or bounds in that regard, but I feel a closer connection to Harmony now)
As I originally understood Harmony, it was the power/force that helped me throughout my life, and it was accelerated
when wearing, buying, or coming in contact with My Little Pony merchandise. As a slight background, I have severe social anxiety,
and going in to work every day is a struggle for me. I find myself stressed to the point of tears frequently, but having MLP merchandise
with me or around me always seems to help. I keep a small figurine of Twilight Sparkle in my pocket at all times. She guides over me
at work, and I get to show her around my store. More recently, I have also started wearing a dog-tag of Celestia at my hip. These small
pieces of merchandise help me feel more calm at work. At first, I assumed that this was only because of my deep admiration of the show,
but the more I thought about it, the more obvious it seemed that there were outside parties affecting me.

I believe my loyalty to the show since it's beginning has helped me walk closer with the magick of Harmony. Ever since Friendship is Magic came out in 2010, I have followed it to the ends of the earth, but this was not the beginning for me. When I was little, my sister and I used to play with My Little Ponies all the time. I distinctly remember having a Generation 1 Applejack toy that I took everywhere with me. I used to watch the Generation 1 and Generation 2 cartoons as well, although it was not very often I caught episodes. I mainly knew the series from the play sessions me and my sister had. I entered a small phase where I tried to cast off my feminine side in favor of more "manly" and "cool" toys. At this time. I stopped following the show. (That turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because as we all know by now, Generations 3 and 3.5 are absolutely awful, and they are most likely the reason the name "My Little Pony" still gains so much ire) Eventually, I heard a new series was being made for television, and I thought I would check out the first episode for a bit of a laugh. As well all know, the rest is history. I think this devotion to My Little Pony since I was young has really helped me get to know the magick of Harmony a lot better. After my initial discovery of Harmony, strange things started to happen. I accidentally stumbled upon a whole slew of people right at work that also enjoyed the show. One of the first people I ever talked to and made a connection with turned out to be a brony as well. I later found a few other friends by extension that were also bronies. I began talking to one coworker who enjoyed the show and had autism. He never talked to me, said hi, or anything, but after I saw him wearing a Fluttershy shirt one day, I was hellbent on becoming his friend. I believe through the magick of Harmony, I was able to achieve this quite easily, and now we talk about the show all the time and truly enjoy each other's company. Another incident happened not too long after I gained my brony friends. One day, in jest, I joked with a friend that Rainbow Dash had prepared a very lovely day for us. Not but two hours later, a storm rolled in, and there was a magnificent double rainbow shining throughout the sky. I took this as a coincidence at first, but it was very odd, considering what I had said to my friend earlier. The most strange encounter thus far, however, was when I began to call out to Luna. I asked her if she could give me a sign in my next dream that she was, indeed, real. That night, I dreamed that I was inside the ruins of The Castle of the Two Sisters. All over the walls were flags proudly displaying the cutie mark of Luna. I knew there and then that this was the sign I was looking for. I woke up immediately, excited that she really communed with me! From that moment on, I promised myself that I would try to contact her again, and really and truly study Harmony. As you will see, things will start to get very strange...